Minneapolis is America’s Healthiest City

The results are in, a study found Minneapolis as the #1 healthiest city in America!

Taking into account several criteria, the residents of Minneapolis, Minnesota are the healthiest people in America. They breathe clean air, keep their weight down, and rank exercise as a top priority. Way to go Minnesotans!

Minneapolis healthiest city

A helpful contribution to this is the fact that Minneapolis was a early adopter of wide-spread bike trails and bike lanes throughout town. The city was also among the first to ban smoking in public places such as bars and public parks. Basically, if you live in Minneapolis you are less likely to smoke, which we all know is incredibly damaging to the human body, and not to mention smell just awful. That all adds up to Minneapolis residents being in better health than all other Americans.

People that live in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area are at less risk than their neighbors for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and asthma. (Especially compared to those cheese eaters next door.) Minneapolis has a lot of open public space dedicated to parks, dog walking areas, ball fields, tennis courts, playground, golf courses and more that make it easy for people to remain active outside. But what about during those frigid winter months that seem to take up a majority of the year? Winter sports and lots of them! Personally, I enjoy hitting the slopes with my snowboard. Talk about an all-body work out.

Biking in minneapolis

Right at the heels of Minneapolis, Washington D.C. came in second place. The nation’s capital is very good at keeping their smoking rate down as well. In third place is Boston and fourth is Portland.

By Danielle Norgren

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