Bald Eagles Migrating Back to Minnesota

The bald eagles are returning to Minnesota! Who doesn’t search for soaring bald eagles while hanging at the lake. 

It’s that time of year, spring is finally here! … Well, kinda. I guess nobody told the piles of snow that are still hanging out. But with spring come new life, especially in the animal kingdom. Our national bird the bald eagle is finally making its way back to Minnesota. The next couple weeks will be prime bird watching, as they will be very easy to spot over several areas of the state.

bald eagle minnesota

The DNR says mid to late March is the usual time bald eagles begin their journey home, but it’s still very dependent on the weather. Since this is about the time the snow starts to really melt, they tend to fly home to Minnesota for a little sun and lake time. They rely on lakes for their food source so they need them to be open and free of ice.

Minnesota has the third largest nesting population of bald eagles, only behind Florida and Alaska. Also, not all bald eagles fly south for the winter. It’s quite common for some pairs to remain here for the winter months, especially if they are more mild in temperature.

For more information, visit the Minnesota DNR website.