Review: MnSearch Retargeting Event

Last week I attended the MnSearch event Remarkable Retargeting with my online marketing team. Here is my review of the event.

I recently became a member of MnSearch, an organization designed to aid in spreading search marketing knowledge between Minnesota marketing professionals. They also just hit 100 members, which is a pretty big milestone. This was only my first MnSearch event but I will definitely be attending more. Everyone was very friendly and the speakers gave great presentations. And they served beer!

MnSearch Event

The retargeting event featured 3 local thought leaders. The first gave a very good overview of the basics of retargeting online.  A key notion here was don’t be creepy. And by this I mean, don’t start showing people ads the second they leave you site for months and months and months…

The next speaker gave her best practices of using Facebook advertising to remarket to people. She highlighted just how important the image is in your ad. Focus on bright, eye-catching colors, but do not use a cluttered photo. Also, take advantage of seasonal events and holidays to grab peoples attention. But, make sure you stay relevant to your brand/product.

The final speaker talked about more advanced retargeting strategies. According to him, dynamic retargeting is the most efficient and should be used if possible. He also gave a good description of the differences between and advantages of using an outside vendor to run these ads or using a self service model. The main difference being required management time and data safety.

MnSearch retargeting event

Here are the key insights I got from the presentation:

  1. Retargeting is a great way to market to users who already visited your site and showed at least an initial interest in your product/service.
  2. Don’t get creepy! Timing and frequency of these ads is crucial, so do not over-show your ads too soon.
  3. The image is the most important part of a retargeting ad, especially on Facebook. Utilize eye catching colors, but make sure you don’t clutter the photo.
  4. Keep testing different combinations of ads. Try out a few different headlines and images to see which ones get the best results.
  5. Take advantage of major events or holidays and work them into you campaigns. But, make sure your ad remains relevant and has a clear call-to-action.

Check out my more in-depth review of the MnSearch event here!

Review By Danielle Norgren


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